Do you use brushes or cloth?

We use a mix of cloth and foam, and it is extremely safe for your vehicles finish.

Can I wash my convertible?


How long does it take?

The ride through the wash takes approximately 2 1/2 minutes and you don’t need to get out of your car. If you see a long line, don’t fret! Just figure about 30 seconds per car in front of you. Meaning, if there are 8 cars in line in front of you, it will take you about 4 minutes to get to the front.

Can I wash different vehicles on one unlimited plan?

No, we’re sorry but the unlimited plan is specific to one vehicle. Check out our business/family plans for more details.

How do I change or cancel my unlimited plan?

Simply click on “contact us” with what you want to do and we will take care of it.

How does vehicle move through the carwash?

A roller comes up behind your left rear tire and pushes you through. Your car is in neutral and you don’t brake or steer.

How fast am I going in the wash?

You are traveling at about 0.6 mph.

How long do your free vacuums run?

4 minutes but you can always push the button for more time if you need it.

Do you sell any vending products for detailing?

There is a vending machine at each vacuum that dispenses a pack that contains one Armour All cloth, one air freshener, one microfiber towel, and two window wipes. It sells for $5 (credit card only). If you only have cash, you can purchase one at the office.

What is a Fast Pass?

It is a small adhesive strip that contains an RFID tag. It is mounted in the lower left inside corner of your windshield. It ties your account to our computer and when you approach the gate, the computer recognizes your vehicle, the gate opens, and you receive whatever wash is tied to your Fast Pass. It just like a Fast Pass on the toll road. It’s pretty great. You never have to roll down your window, press buttons, etc.