Fundraising is fun with Soft Touch Carwash!

Your organization sells our $10 Works Carwash packages and keeps half! Sell your family and friends something they can actually use and are happy to buy!

There are two ways to participate:


Download the Pre-Sell Form and print to provide your sellers with a form they can use to track customer orders and payment information. You sell your Works Wash passes for $10, regular price.

When you are ready to purchase, simply contact Soft Touch and we will arrange a time for you to pick up your passes.


You buy a set number of Works Passes at $5 each. Buy what you reasonably think you can sell, you can always get more. You may purchase with check, cash, or credit.

Your groups sells the passes for $10 each, making a profit of $5 per wash sold! We will also refund you $5 each for any unsold passes. Contact us here online to sign-up.