Soft Touch Car Wash

Introducing One for the Road!

The convenience of using a Fast Pass without automatic monthly billing!

Plus SAVE $1 on every wash!

How It Works:

Sign-up at the cash station or the office. Buy the wash you want with your credit card. We give you a Fast Pass. When you pull up for a wash now, the gate automatically opens. No more rolling down your window and reaching for buttons! After you wash your car, another wash is loaded on to your Fast Pass the next morning.

You can take as long as you want to use the wash that is loaded on to your Fast Pass. 2 days or 2 years! If you decide to cancel, or you sell your vehicle or any other reason, just contact us and we will refund the cost of the wash that is loaded on your Fast Pass back to your credit card. This a no-brainer for anyone who washes their vehicle less than once per week. You get the convenience of the Fast Pass, PLUS, you save $1 per wash!

You can cancel anytime – no contracts.